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In this followup film to Caine’s Arcade, the Imagination Foundation is announcing the launch of the first ever Global Cardboard Challenge, inviting the world to play while raising funds to foster creativity and entrepreneurship in kids.

The Global Cardboard Challenge is the next chapter of a global movement growing out of the short film “Caine’s Arcade,” which shared the inspiring story of 9-year-old Caine Monroy’s cardboard arcade with the world.


On October 6th, the one year anniversary of the flashmob of surprise customers in “Caine’s Arcade”, hundreds of Cardboard Challenge events around the world will celebrate creativity, imagination, and community.

There are over 150 event organizers in 25 countries who have already signed up. You can get involved by hosting your own event or attending one near you.

Have fun on October 6th!


A group of Orange County college students who are huge Pixar fans created a working replica of the Pizza Planet truck that has appeared in every Pixar feature film except for The Incredibles. Pixar found out about their project and invited them, and the truck, to visit Pixar’s Emeryville, CA studio.

We are a rag-tag team of artist, film students and movie buffs determined to complete our dream; visit Pixar.


After countless hours of research and labor, we have built a real-life working replica of Pixar’s iconic Pizza Planet truck. Armed with a few cameras, some maps and fair amount of gas money, we hope to make new friends and have some fun adventures as we embark on a road trip up the coast.

They were even able to grab the “RES1536” license plate that the car has in the films from the California DMV. You can learn more about their awesome project and recent studio visit on their website: The Road To Pixar.

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Inspired by the enthusiasm of the kids that participated in The Great Paper Airplane Fly-Off, the PIMA Air & Space Museum in Tucson, AZ constructed and launched a 45-foot long paper airplane.

After it was lifted off the ground by its nose, our giant paper airplane rose and rose until it began swaying pretty heavily in the wind (a product of our having to delay the launch until the evening instead the calmer morning). Aaron, our helicopter pilot then gave the order to cut the plane loose from the cable when it began to pull the chopper itself in a strong gust. But after it was released, for several shining moments, our huge, beautiful, silly, hubristic 45-foot paper airplane soared.

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